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Well, things didn't go right with a potential steady client yesterday, and I had to attend a post-mortem meeting today to hash out what all the difficulties were. A certain cow orker, we'll call him Snootypants, said to me yesterday during the crisis "Geez, show some initiative and call the client."

A--I didn't have that level of responsibility. B--He has no authority over me, and it was inappropriate for him to even say that to me. At the time, I gritted my teeth and called, nonconfrontational ol' me to the last.

So I figured he'd be gunning for me at the post-mortem, he's always rubbed me the wrong way, and I suspect the feeling is mutual. Last night I assembled a detailed list of what kinds of communications breakdowns led to the difficulty, masterfully avoiding fingerpointing all along the way. My list was adopted as the outline for the meeting, and things went well. Snootypants was very civil, and also refrained from fingerpointing.

It got me to wondering, is there a problem between Snootypants and me, or is the problem all with me? I theorized for a moment that perhaps I was adversarializing Snootypants because I have some manner of subconcious need for an adversary, perhaps due to the constant teasing I put up with as a young child. Maybe Snootypants isn't a problem at all, and I'm just making him into one in my mind... I'll have to think about it.

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