Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

This Year

In February, my company failed, leaving me without 3 weeks of pay, and ineligible for immediate unemployment benefits because I had been working for a theoretical paycheck I might still receive (ha, still waiting.)

Also in February, Darcy lost some daycare clients. This occurred a few other times over the course of the year, and at least at present she is near capacity.

In April, I started a new job, which was good except I'm working nights, sleeping days. More on this later.

In July, I got in my car, started it and burning coolant billowed from the exhaust. We worked out how to pay for a new (to us) car that was pretty decent.

In early August, I spent a week working days covering for a vacationing cow-orker, then went back to nights. This was a rough switch, as was evidenced by the slow-speed crash of the car into a median when I dozed literally a few seconds behind the wheel. I was alone and uninjured, the airbags did not even deploy.

But the insurance company still totalled out the car. We were out part of our down payment, but managed to figure out a down payment for another not as neat new (to us) car.

In October, we went to Boston for my sister-in-law's wedding. Fox was ill and wound up in Boston Children's Hospital's ER for a good 5-6 hours. Insurance paid about half that $1400 bill.

In November the Dr. let us know Fox's already-slow growth was dropping further off the charts, and we needed to investigate his poor eating habits and possible endocrine disorders. Not jumping to conclusions, but if he needs human growth hormone injections it will cost us at least a couple K a month to maintain those.

So with that year so far, it was entirely anomolous that our neighbor's 18 year old daughter we have known about a year would nominate us for KDWB's Christmas Wish program, and that we would be granted clothes, toys, games, and other things to make our planned meager Christmas into what may be the best we've ever given the kids. Katelynn went out of her way to write a nomination letter and go into the studios to tell of our year. We are so very thankful for this.

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