Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

A Snapshot of What I Do Without Pay

Okay, what's going on? Well, all sorts of projects. I'm just going to try to list it all... (not necessarily a prioritized list, nor ordered by level of completion)

1) Buffy Between the Lines Script - If you didn't know, I wrote an episode for season 2, and I am partway through the final draft process.Done!

2) Short Blurb on "Wonderfalls" - Rachel at Attention Deficit Fandom Disorder is doing a show about the short-lived TV series, and as I particularly love the show, I'm going to write and record a little something. Maybe even do it tonight... Done!

3) Something about "Southland Tales" - Deadpan "Moviepalooza" selection this time is the Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) satire. I just need to write and record a little something. But not this week.Done!

4) Strangely Literal story - I sent Tabz a fragmentary script and she liked it. Now I need to commit to either doing it as prose or audiodrama segment, finish writing it, and either produce the audiodrama, or record my prose.

5) Buffy Between the Lines editing - I'm slated to do basic editing for a couple of scenes before month's end. I did a couple scenes as intermediate editor for the last episode currently available (#10). I'm not all that sure what a basic editor is supposed to do, exactly, so finding out is one of the steps I must take.

6) Project X - Not a major project, but I am contributing some original writing and recording to a secret collaboration. Some eyes cannot be privy, so I shan't elaborate...

7) Revise and Expand RBT - Yes, the completed, experimental, basically "one-draft wonder" serial. I think outside of the self-imposed 5-7 minute episode limit I can have a lot of fun with this yet. But I'm only an episode in. No, Tee can keep the word "Remastered." If all goes well, later this year I will launch a podcast as vehicle for the completed work.

8) Additional Voicework for BBtL - I have a couple roles in Season 2, and the scripts are not done for those episodes just yet. Especially Episode 11, that one sounds like a particularly good role, what is up with that damned writer?

9) Geek by Night - I still wish to have additional work in that universe, despite the Muffin Man's incarceration. There are rumors of writing "auditions" coming up in the indefinite future, so I'll be looking into that.

10) Angel Between the Lines - I'll be writing for that one too, starting... crap, next month. I better get a couple things knocked off this list in the next few weeks before we are issued our outline. Yes, "we." I get to work with a collaborator. Reminds me, I need to send a more proper introduction of myself to him. He seems to be quite the expert in ATS canon, which should come in handy, as I still haven't seen some portions of the series.

Whew, that's a lot! Now that Darcy's costume design is going live (show premieres tomorrow night), things should be back to the normal level of chaos around here, which will help.

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