Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Second of May!!

Uh, what do I do on the second of May? Oh yeah, talk about, as Paul from Paul and Storm coined it, "The Coultonic Convergence." While waiting in line I ran into my old friend Virginia and her husband, Bill. In a small world moment, the people directly behind me in line exclaimed their surprise at seeing them there, as the woman behind me is in some manner of mommy yoga classes with Virginia.

The show was very cool. Paul and Storm kicked things off well, as they always do, complete with guest vocals from the headliner. Between acts, I told the folks about BBtL, as I was wearing my "Big Bad 01" shirt. Also got to talk to Bill (he is Bill Corbett of MST3K) about the RiffTrax project he and some of the other MSTie guys have going. Sort of a podcast but with a fee serving up the movie commenting experience for current major DVD releases. Similar to John Pavlich's Sofadogs or Christiana Ellis' Hey Wanna Watch a Movie, except pretty extensively scripted.

Then the Main event, Coulton came out and was stellar. The banter back and forth with the crowd was lots of fun. Of course, several times through the set Paul and Storm came back for backing vocals. Really, the show is "Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm," not just an opening band and a headliner. He of course played many of the songs he is bet known for, "Code Monkeys," "Still Alive," and "Skullcrusher Mountain," and there were a couple I hadn't heard. He brought back the Zen Drum and "Mr. Fancy Pants" and had a new gadget I didn't catch the name of which produced a synthesized music track and pretty white LED graphic display, to which they performed "My Monkey," a song from early in the Thing a Week series.

They saved the best for the encore, bringing out giant flowers and butterflies, and saying they were going to sing a song about spring. Then they launched into... Rick Astley. It was pretty good, they gave us one verse and a chorus of "Never Gonna Give You Up," before Coulton explained it was the best way he could think of he could fuck us all. Then they brought on "First of May" and a couple covers for prom season, complete with use of the theatre's disco balls. I'm pretty sure the "First of May" will be (or more likely already is) up on YouTube as there were a few cameras recording it...



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