Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Media Blitz Roundup Linkfest

Okay, so I apparently have blitzed the podcasting world of late. Here is a frenzy of self-promotion...

Most importantly, my Really Big Things serial is wrapping this week with the final episode and interview of me by Jack Mangan at Jack Mangan's Deadpan. I round out the serial with 2 heavy-hitters as guest voices, and naturally I'm not saying who, at least until a short way into the interview. That will run tomorrow.

Also, you still can get all caught up with the Buffy Between the Lines audiodrama, a global fan-produced podcast, featuring Yours Truly as Javert the vampire. Episode 1 hit earlier this month, I appeared in Episode 2 last Saturday, and from here on out, you can be certain I will be up to no good.

Third, a couple months ago, I was in Colorado and athenamuze and I discussed Buffy Big Bads for her podcast Upsidedown and Halfway to Happyland. Also, you will hear how Tony Soprano hooked me on Buffy, and how Buffy got me closer to someone special.

Next, check out Foodgeeking.com, for a segment I produced this past June. I went to Grand Old Day and checked out some of the food selections. My segment leads into one on Fair and Festival Foods.

Last, a couple episodes back, I had a short fanfic up on slpodcast's show Strangely Literal. All you really need to know of the Buffyverse for this one is that Spike is a vampire who also goes by William the Bloody. The fic is called "DJ Bloody" and actually went up the same day I did the chat with Kim.

I think that's it, other than if you listen to Wingin' It 3D long enough you're sure to hear me on Voicmail.

Oh, and I did no work on Transylvania TV but I know these guys and the show is awesome, so check out the pirated Pilot Episode which aired locally a couple of weeks ago on the local CW affiliate channel 23, which was once called KTMA, where they also once ran the first season of a show where this guy trapped on a satellite watched bad movies with some robots he made out of spare parts (who knew they needed lacrosse sticks in space?). I digress. Check out the show, and tell all your friends!

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