Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Serenity (with spoilers)

Seeing the ship for the first time, I just wanted to cheer, but didn't as we were only among 5(!) people in the theatre, and didn't want to embarass my wife.

Now I need to go find/read the comics, I was nicely set up going in by "The Signal," but I wanna see the entirety of the events between Objects in Space and the movie. (Just a moment as I remember that there is a new cast up that I didn't listen to just in case...Okay back to this widget, didn't miss me, did ya?)

I was entirley spoiled on the deaths, and I know it definitely took the sting out of Wash's end, so if you are getting spoiled by this despite my warnings, I am terribly sorry, and you really oughta know better. (I know I oughta know better, but I often can't help myself.)

I'd love to help Kaylee out with her battery issue, but alas, she is fictional, and I am married (heh).

I loved that there was all manner of chaotic sound during the big battle, and any science geeks who want to bitca about "no sound in space" should look up "suspension of disbelief" and try it out on occasion.

Loved seeing River kick some ass, and I think the scenes were much more than just Slayer redux. I'd imagine that would be how a Buffy TV-Back-to-big-screen movie might have looked. (other than I am 90% certain SMG couldn't move like some of that)

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