Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

New Computer

Well, after working two jobs a good part of the summer, and then hemming
and hawing over which mac would be best for me and the money I have, I
finally settled on the 17" iMac with the 1.8gHz processor & combo drive.
I got a sweet deal through MacConnection where I got the wireless keyboard
and mouse for $49 total and a free (after rebates) printer that should be
good enough for our family photos.

Except DHL delivered it to... ?

Well, yesterday the website said it was delivered to "receptionist" and
signed for by me. I had it delivered to my home. I called Darcy at work
to see if they managed to deliver it just before she went off to work, but
no such luck.

When I called DHL for more info, they said the subcontractor(!) driver
said he delivered to the right place, but it wasn't actually signed for by
the designated recipient, but by someone named "Larson." Now I know none
of my pets goes by the name Larson nor would they pose as my receptionist,
as they have been trained not to. So when I got home, I paused for a
moment to note that there was no note from the driver saying "Left with
neighbor" or something. Then I started ringing doorbells. It gave me a
chance to get to know some of the neighbors better, anyway. Nobody within
five houses to the right, three houses to the left, the three houses
across the street (the other lots across the street are vacant & the model
home) are named Larson or ever signed for a package.

So now I'm wondering where my new computer is...

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