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5 Years Ago...

Five years ago today I decided to try out a new web service. Ana Voog and some other net friends of mine had been using an online diary called LiveJournal. It was free, so I signed up, using a web handle I came up with back when I played AcroPhobia online. I was the 2,296th person to do so.

My first post: "Hello and wlecome to my livejournal?" Nope. Started right off bitching about stuff not working:

Damn Mac Client for live journal doesn't work. Just taking a brief TO between dubs, all due Monday AM anyway..."

There was a divorce, remarriage. There was online drama. Some good friends have been here all along, other good friends have drifted away, deleted their journals and moved on.

Now I'm in a new house, with a baby on the way. I probably couldn't have predicted any of the last five years, but I'm looking forward to more unpredictability in the next...
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