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Travel Videos Just Make Me Want to...

Travel. Ok, maybe that's an obvious reaction. We duplicate the VHS copies of the GlobeTrekker series (check your local PBS listings), and it never fails, I instantly get the travel jones...

Today's dream destinations: Ireland and Bora Bora. The Ireland one is not in any way surprising. I am so very much the sort to want to explore historic sites in the mist. (Also, I hear the Guinness they allow to be exported pales in comparison to what they keep for themselves...)

Bora Bora, however... I have never been one to want to go to warmer climes and sit on a beach. It just seems so powerfully dull. But something about the resort they visited, the personal huts, all along a pier, accessed solely by boat, over a shallow lagoon. They said $60 a night, but it turned out to be a cruel joke they played on my travel dreams. It was all so the host could be "shocked" by a $600 a night tab and pretend to sneak out on the bill.

At least now I know what resort to buy out for a week for all my closest friends once that Powerball jackpot finally comes my way...

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