Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
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Long Walk

Darcy has the same three days off as me this week (yay!), which I bet will almost never happen again. Today we started off at The Copper Dome and I've just got to say they have the best buttermilk pancakes I can think of. It could be because of the many times my parents used to take me to the original location on Como Avenue, and they are now part of some manner of subconcious taste memory...

Then errands, Target, bank, grocery. We then grabbed Maisy-dog and went out to Lake Phalen and watched them cut blocks of ice for the Ice Palace. We also took the time to walk Maisy all the way around Phalen. It only sort of wore her out, us more so.

Tonight we figure it oughta be movie night, we just need to decide what to watch from the vast DVD collection...
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