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Ugh. The ten hour day exhausted more than usual today. Perhaps due to the extreme cold outside, but more likely du to the intense heat inside. I swear, shouldn't single-digit temps make it easier to cool the room? But, no, the temperature was 78 when I arrived and slowly progressed into the low 80's as I used some of the equipment.

So, not only was I sluggish from heat, but I also didn't sleep very well last night, but I'm not certain if there was a reason for that.

So now, at 6:40, I am strongly considering a move toward pajamas, and possibly a movie or episode or two of Buffy and/or Angel or Firefly on DVD. No roomie tonite, so I can go for this full-on sloth mode without feeling sheepish. And no Darcy means I should just be semi-concious for a while, with hope of having a decent conversation/snuggle when she gets home from closing the store...

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