Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup


Last night I just couldn't achieve it. Late caffiene consumption, I'm surmising was the true culprit, but I could swear it was NaNoWriMo's fault.

I took a quick look at the site last night before bed, and literally spent the next 6 hours rolling over and over again, dreaming I was writing it. Sometimes I was dreaming about the act of writing it, sometimes I was dreaming it directly. I was sleeping so poorly, I wished I could get up and write some of it down, it would have been some of the most fucked-up stream of conciousness stuff I've written since high school, but that would have been cheating...

That said, I have yet to sign up, and I'm not sure what my hesitation is. Hell, it's a much better time than the Labor Day weekend (last weekend of summer, my roomie's b-day weekend, etc.) sure it's longer and therefore mildly less the killer challenge. It's even pretty free to sign up. I really ought to go for it...

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