Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup


They Might Be Giants rocked last night! They performed a whole bunch of stuff, including the one song I never expected to see them play live: "Fingertips!" During their first bit of stage patter, they said "This next one is off our new album called 'They Might Be Giants,' in stores now," and proceeded to play "Everything Right Is Wrong Again" off the Pink Album.

They also did a feature where they put a radio on stage and tuned through the local stations, attepmting to play along with whatever they came across on the dial. When he didn't know the words, Flansy just made them up, like "If you learn to sing like the guy from Pearl Jam you can have a hit," or "Counting Crows has infected the mind of Van Morrison and reside inside his actual brain..." (I'm paraphrasing a bit)

Still, I'm hoping to eventually hear one other song off the Pink Album, one I've been hoping to hear since I saw them way back in 1990 ( I was too young to go down to First Ave for the Lincoln Tour, but I do believe they played here on it). I still want to see "She's an Angel" live sometime.

Today is their free Borders in-store in Minnetonka. I'm going to have something signed. I'm thinking "Lincoln," as it was the first album of theirs I ever bought, and the one I love the most...
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