Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Cyn Did It

Or rather, took it.

My new LJ default pic.

Toronto is a great town to visit, especially if you know people there. This time I paid for accomodations, and had a place to leave my car for four whole nights (mostly a good thing, see previous post). During my stay, much alcohol was consumed. I should have kept a paper journal while I was there, because this post isn't doing it justice.

Meesh was a fabulous hostess the first night, and great fun was had by all. Cyn did a great job of picking activities and food that were inexpensive but rewarding in terms of mingling. I'm not sure if there is a comprehensive list of all attendees, but just let me say that it is a full roster of loonies, myself included.

Once most of everyone went home, there was still Monday for me and a select few. Cyn, Meesh, and myself went to Red Room, which was on my list of must-haves. Yummy fried tofu and a noodle dish. Oh, and an oh-so-yummy fruit shake. Then a pleasant walk back to Cyn's hood. Lots of chatting. Cyn and Meesh are great company for chatting. Aphyd is a lucky man, and if Meesh tracks down the dude from the video place, then he's lucky too... (heh)

We rented movies and stocked up on junk food. I gave Cyn a mix CD, and had her listen to a track by Gomez. (who everyone oughta check out) We watched Ghost World and Zoolander. Aphyd and Strange both came in by the time Ghost World was wrapping up (Aphyd caught a good 2/3 of it, Strange had seen it before and just saw the end this time.) It was a pleasant, relaxing, alcohol-free evening to quietly close out SecretCon 2002...

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