Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Weekend In Review, Part I


I went out and had my car worked on, just normal maintenance stuff. When Travis came home, we went to dinner in Chaska with his girl and her friends, not a single on among us, besides myself. On the way back to Waconia, Travis congratulated me on my ability to say less than twenty words all through dinner. What can I say, those people liked to talk. A lot. I had ordered fish and chips. As I ate, two of them inquired as to whether I was going to say anything about my "Fish and fries." I shrugged, somewhat puzzled, until finally I figured out that they were unclear as to what the chips part of fish and chips actually was. I said, "You mean you've never seen A Fish Called Wanda?" their answer was of course No, so I told them if they saw it, it might put them straight.

Later, we saw a band play, some friends of Travis'. The band, a garage cover band, was okay, but the sound in the space (many bars have bathrooms bigger than the playing space) was wretched. Our friend Doc said as much so he and I fled to a different bar, where he said a good band was playing. I could see why Doc liked the band: StarLust. It was a girl group. Three girls with platinum wigs and bare midriffs with plastic gemstones glued in their navels. They played all manner of 80's girlgroup covers. I can't imagine their set list could have varied much from week to week, and they played merely OK, but I guess Doc liked looking at them. That was Friday, more or less...

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