Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
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Money---so very tight. Ouch.

But I'm not the type to worry too much about money, I only mind when it limits what I can do. Which I guess is sometimes often...

I was talking IRL to an online friend who said he thought I'd been real scarce of late 'round here, so I thought I'd try to jot off a quick one now and again.

I've got some photos I took online now. Go to www.ihaveasecret.com and check them out, they are in the Secret World section. Now all I need to to is give my prose creativity a shot in the rear, and you can read some stuff too. I should have a small new fragment going up on www.mentalfragments.com real soon, probably when JennyLee returns from her vacation respite.

Hey, y'all I don't have DSL, so I just don't live online like some of ya'. But I'll be back real soon...
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