Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

X-Fest as a Symbol

I guess this is kind of personal, not personal enough to be a friends-only but...

So anyway I woke up this morning, and suddenly realized I had myself double-booked for Memorial Day weekend. I had just yesterday lobbied over at SecretLand for SecretCon2002 to be held Memorial Day Weekend. Previously however, I had promised cidcat that I would pay at least $60 to book a campsite at X-Fest, a big multi-day radio station concert in Wisconsin. Until I heard SecretCon could potentially be getting moved, I was very torn.

This radio station concert has been held for a number of years, I know at least five, maybe more. Cidcat traditionally has gotten a big crew of folk together and gone to the event. One year, Darcy and I were going to go, but money was pretty soft, so we cancelled, still paying for part of the campsite. Another year I wanted to go, but by then some elements of dysfunction were becoming apparent in my relationship, and Cidcat and I both knew that if Darcy and I were to go, Darcy would be complaining the whole time, or worse, try to be a "Mom" or something: "I really don't think you ought to be doing that..." So that year, there wasn't room for us.

Last year would have been the year for me to go and party like a freshly-separated dude, but my cousin was getting married that weekend, and that was planned almost a year prior, so I never even had the opportunity to consider it...

So, now that SecretCon may move (I hope! I hope!), this is the year. This is the year I finally go out to Wisconsin, get muddy and piss-drunk for three days, and maybe see some bands if I ever actually make it to the concert itself...

It oughta be swell...
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