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So Anyway...

Having little interest in online drama of any sort, I decided to keep this to myself until it all played out, which by now it mostly has...

Approximately 11 years ago, before I went off to college, I discovered a sizable lump in my neck. I was seen by a doctor, who teetered on the edge of ordering a biopsy, but as I was due to leave town in a matter of days instead ordered me to keep an eye on it and report any changes.

It's never changed. Another doctor took interest in it about six years ago when I pointed it out during a physical exam, and he ordered an ultrasound. The result of that scan, which also took a peek at my thyroid, was that the lump was identified as a benign mass that may in fact have been prenatal in origin, in other words, it had been along for a ride my whole life, and it was simple chance that it went unnoticed until I was 18.

Two weeks or so ago, I noticed a new lump in my neck, and being somewhat overdue for a physical exam anyhow, I went straight to the clinic in a couple of days. I was tested for STD's (HIV of chief concern) and of course was negative, but you can never be too careful, plus now I can proudly state that I have been tested, not just state that I'm "pretty sure I'm ok." But I digress...

I was sent for a soft tissue CT scan of both the new and old lumps. This time, the verdict on all counts was swollen lymph nodes, and that was cause for mild concern, so Friday I was in to visit a surgeon. He elected not to do a biopsy for the time being, and proceeded to aspirate both lumps with a needle.

The first lump to get sucked out was the new one, and there was instantly very good news - it was a simple fluid cyst. He drained it, saying that there was a small chance of recurrence, but little cause for concern, though he put some of the fluid on a slide anyway: "I don't think there were any cells though, just fluid..."

They managed to get cells from the second (older) lump, but since I've had that unchanged since 1991, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it. They are also doing a full blood count, a test for mono, and a test for TB, so I should get a pretty clean bill of health for a decent range of nasties, and I can get on with life free of a number of health worries...

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