Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

OK, so here's the situation...

I came home from work early, after all 25 hours of OT are nice, but so is coming home early. I phoned ahead to advise Fabby about the bump-up from my usual 3AM ETA, and when I arrived he and the girl were curled up on the sofa, watching a movie. I was of course nowhere near tired, so I watched the rest of the movie with them, then engaged in about five to ten minutes of pleasant conversation. Then because I was "so tired," I repaired to my bedroom, making sure to snag a DVD on the way. Then, I watched a two-hour movie with headphones on, and did not hear anything, which is good because as far as they were concerned, I was "asleep." I of course no longer have the advantage of knowing the girl better than Fabby, now it is much the opposite. The old girl tended toward the vocal end of the spectrum, and was more or less open about the whole thing. I of course am a weenie-boy, why else would I have bought the headphones?

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. Fabby is happy with the girl, and as a fellow dude I feel a certain responsibility to make sure the girl is not mortified thinking I may have heard something. Truly, I heard nothing, as I had the headphones on, but I am "asleep" so the headphones are also irrelevant. I guess I may now relate the crux of the dilemma... The movie is over, I now need to pee, but now that the headphones are off, I realize there is now conversation occurring, I can only assume conversation of the winded yet fully satisfied sort. But as I am "asleep," I cannot just run to the proper room and cut a whiz, or I will be revealed to have in fact been a "light sleeper." Light sleeper=conscious listener=mortified girl.

I would do a poll of my options, but I don't know how and by the time I closed the poll some resolution will have occured (at least it damn well better!).

A. Go to the bathroom and cut a whiz, to hell with the girl.
B. Creep into the bathroom, sit down, aim for the side of the bowl above waterline, don't flush and hope I am not heard.
C. Make use of the nearest bottle.
D. Hold it.
E. Piss myself.

Tomorrow I'll let you know which I chose...

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