Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Toronto, Night 1

Flew in, went thru customs, ("Ok, well, next time bring a passport or birth certificate"). Airport was utter chaos. Boo found me, said "Boo!"

Dropped my stuff off at the apartment, gave them the B.T. McElrath's chocolates, then off to Vaseline.

The rest of the night shall be described in hazily recollected vignettes out of my post-drunk memory:

The mixboard guy reading a book while music rages around him.

The Vaseline banner has a wrinkle in it. Daruba straightens it out, and as soon as he moves his hand away, six dancing guys slam into it, dry humping and sweating.

Boo points at the dance floor, and I notice that yes, those three guys are dancing naked, and yes it would be of more interest if attractive guys were dancing naked (I didn't volunteer). The naked guys are really into it, complete with simulated (oh god, I hope simulated) anilingus.

Daruba running about spraying us with water from a spray bottle.

So far, keeping my sleep schedule more or less the same, we got back around 5am...

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