Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

Ted was holding a banana when he lost his grip on reality.

He'd heard once there was a substance in banana peels that was psychoactive, if you distilled it out of the peel properly Perhaps, he thought briefly, this particular banana was extraordinarily high in levels of that substance.

He wasn't trying to do anything, other than to peel a banana in the middle of traffic on Fifth Street. Traffic wasn't moving, he pulled out his banana, and...

Back to that in a second. It must be pointed out that Ted had never used any controlled substances. He was not the subject of nefarious brainwashing conspiracies. He hadn't been to a carnival in years, and he never much liked carnival hypnotists, let alone stared at a watch while getting very sleepy. Ted did not live on a toxic waste dump, and he was not secretly drugged by a high level government agency.

So there was very little explanation for why Ted and his car appeared to slip out of traffic quite suddenly and slip into a rock-strewn desert with snowcapped peaks in the distance. The song that was playing as he sat in traffic continued to play despite the fact that he now appeared to be nowhere near the point of transmission. He paused a moment to contemplate the incongruity when the song ended and another did not begin. Whatever starnge masters controlled his fate, thought Ted, did not tolerate loose ends anymore than he did, and must also hate to interrupt a good song.

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