Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

I was just sitting here, about to turn moody...

But suddenly, I go over to SecretLand, do a bit of flirting, go take a shower, play around with some music, and now I'm just plain chipper.

So here's what's gonna happen: I'm going to go check out the coffeeshop here in town, bring the book I've been reading ("Glue" by Irvine Welsh) and a notebook in case I want to work on the outline and notes for the three-day. Then later, I'll head into the cities and go to Cheapo, with a budget for one CD or two used CD's only. Follow that with some more coffeehouse (too bad CyberX closed), and maybe catch a movie.

I wish some of you could hang out with me, (only a few weeks til that for some of you) but I guess I should see if I can Just be for a while...
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