October 17th, 2013


New Podcast This Year

I'd like to belatedly tell all my LJ followers who I don't already have on FaceBook about my new podcast. It is called The Ghostlight Podcast, an Introcast for the Television Series "Slings & Arrows."

The basic concept of an introcast is a rewatch of a television series in which only one of the reviewers has seen the entire series, while the other members of the podcast are as unspoiled as possible.

"Slings & Arrows" is a Canadian comedy-drama which was produced for pay cable about a major Shakespearean theatre festival (not Stratford in name, but basically Stratford).

We have recently been on unplanned hiatus, but we plan to return to a biweekly publishing schedule in November. This is a great time to catch up with us!

Our episodes post at http://www.quadruplez.com and we just released the episode for Season One, Episode Five last night.