April 1st, 2008



Hopefully you are fully caught up listening to me on Buffy Between the Lines. Actually, I demand you listen, as I am a master vampire and will stand for no impertinence!

But now I'm in an all new role at Geek by Night, and it's only Episode Two, so catching up is easy! This is a really awesome original audiodrama. Many voices will sound familiar if you've followed the above orders already. It is a perfect compliment to BBtL listening, definitely more comic-leaning.

Meanwhile, you can typically catch me at The Deadpan, listen to a segment of mine in the latest Attention Deficit Fandom Disorder, and I still have my oft-threatened podcast of my very own at some future point...

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Topic on last not meant to imply I think I'm some manner of star, of course. Tongue is way in cheek there. I figure I'm lucky to have fun and entertain a handful of others...