June 24th, 2006


All is Now Revealed

Thanks for playing along, Andrea from Chicago...

1. Woman King-Iron & Wine
2. When I Paint My Masterpiece-Bob Dylan
3. Industrial Strength Tranquilizer-Austin Lounge Lizards
4. Stalk of Wheat-They Might Be Giants
5. A Thousand Hours-The Cure
6. Down In It-Nine Inch Nails (actually the demo, off Head Like a Hole single)
7. Hello-orig. by Lionel Richie, but this is Paul Anka off last year's swanky Rock Swings
8. Make it Through-Bis (This cut was on the Plastique Nouveau single)
9. Hurt-New Order
10. Untogether-Belly
11. One Day-Björk
12. Hairshirt-R.E.M.
13. Hit Me-February (I think I got the lyrics right, couldn't find printed lyrics, and it was a bit late to call my friend Damian who played guitars on it)
14. Come To Daddy-Aphex Twin (Pappy Mix)
15. One O'Clock-Space
16. Am I Right?-Erasure
17. Bedlam Boys-Michael Penn
18. (I'll Love You) Till the End of the World-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
19. Tiny Doctors-They Might Be Giants
20. Hey Brother-Camper Van Beethoven