February 4th, 2006


Recent TV History

Okay, so I keep catching tv shows for the first time after they've been stuffed & mounted, then sold on DVD. I finally got (after a faulty-set Amazon fiasco) my copy of Wonderfalls, and I need to figure out chronology of shows.

I must digress for a moment to just say that as a Whedonverse & Dead Like Me Fan, I had big hopes for Wonderfalls and 1.5 episodes in I already think it majorly sucks that FOX gave it the Friday-Night-Death-Slot sendoff.

Anyhow, Pink Flamingoes. So I'm watching and Jaye says something about her sister and dad going to have waffles. That's got to be a Dead Like Me reference, and since I know that particular chronology goes Bryan Fuller creates Dead Like Me, then leaves/is forced out, and goes on to create Wonderfalls. So that one was obvious.

My main question is on the Tim Minear side of things. Where does Wonderfalls fall within the seasons of Angel & Firefly? At one point Jaye says the universe has it's hand up her ass and she is its puppet. "Smile Time" reference? And it may be a coincidence of word choice, but shortly afterwards, Mahandra says she will help with the shindig. Is that a "Shindig" reference?

Lastly, was anyone from Veronica Mars involved with Wonderfalls? At the bar while they are setting up for the shindig the song that is the VM theme is playing in the background, and I am firmly certain that Wonderfalls wrapped before Mars premiered...

Interesting That...

Four years ago or so I had given up on TV, and now my longest recent post is all about TV, with four different show titles peppered throughout. (I couldn't help it, this one episode of Wonderfalls is just a great big mishmashed synchronicity of fandoms.)

I had moved to the edge of the Twin Cities, hooked up my TV to its antenna and realized I had moved beyond the signal as far as rabbit ears were concerned. So I shrugged, pushed the TV into the back of my closet, and feasted on Mr Fabby's large (not as massive as these days) DVD collection.

Then one of his friends loaned him Season two of the Sopranos and I got hooked, watching the whole thing. One great big story arc show, no commercials, no waiting for the next ep, just a massive 18-hour movie of sorts. I went out to the new SuperTarget in Chaska and... WTF!?! they want how much for a season of the Sopranos? Screw that.

But wait, here's a slimmer box set that is much cheaper. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hmm. The movie wasn't great but it was worth a laugh. I get all these minutes of content for one low price... What the heck, I'll buy it.

And now here I am in all my Browncoat/Blackcoat/VM fan glory, devouring TV as fast as they can encode it to DVD. I even wait the long weeks between Mars eps.

But I do watch it on TiVo and FF the ads...