April 5th, 2005


Trouble Sitting Down?

Must Have Filled the Car Up This Morning...

Actually, I filled up for $2.019/gal this morning. Only needed half a
tank, but when some of my normally-low North Metro stations were up to
$2.159, I figured I'd better get while the getting's good.

What's it like where you are?

And none of this "I'm Canadian, we have public transportation that
actually goes where I want it" crap...

(Actually, if you're a Canadian driver, you can probably hold off
answering too, the double conversion from Liters to Gallons and Joke money
to Real money makes my head hurt...)

(Ok, Canadians, I'm kidding all round. I luv ya all...)

('Cept maybe that Daruba, never been too sure about him...)

Jeremy Alan Page

Cynthia, you still take story submissions for the site, right?

Jeremy Alan Page lost his job again, and as you "Crooked Finger" readers
well know, that's never a pretty thing. He's probably going to write
another journal entry about it...

(Side note for those of you LJ'ers not previously familiar with this
character, he is in no way based on anyone particularly real, he's never
been to Colorado and doesn't know SoCal from SoDak...)