January 31st, 2005


First Attempt, Down

Got the Cat5 cable, got the connectors, the crimper, the wallplates, and the fishtape.

But Plan A has failed. I cannot thread the fish tape through a hole the size of my pinky and then a few feet down through a hole the size of my index finger.

Plan B is much like Plan A, but this time I will have Darcy as an accomplice, telling me when I'm getting close, and (ideally) catching the fishtape when I succeed.

And this is only the easy fish. The kitchen one will be 3-4 feet more distance.

There are in existence plans C, D, and E, but some of those get pretty messy...
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How is it that the word "huzzah" appears twice on my friends page? Jeez, it's not like we're a bunch of Rennies...

But I prolly pushed the one off the bottom of the page with this post...

BUT, now it's still on there twice because of THIS post!

Okay, maybe its not all that amusing...


Ah, everything just seems more real now that the snow is finally here.
Some of you folks who have been getting lake effect all winter may not
understand, but as a lifelong Minnesotan, the lack so far of snow until
last Friday was disheartening to me.

I drove to work in snow this morning and I feel more alive as a result.