January 21st, 2005


Rosemary's Teenager

Well, after two nights I can definitely say that Point Pleasant has failed
to hold my attention. I may try it one more time but at the moment the
characters do not seem all that interesting to me. marti Noxon has
apparently said that once things get into full swing there may be more of
a Twin Peaks element entering into the show. But whenever someone
tries to inject Lynchian quirkiness, they almsot inevitably fail,
(sometimes even David Lynch has that problem, but that's a different post

Oh well, I don't ever really seem to catch the good shows until they have
already come and gone...

Dragging My Feet

So now that we've got the DSL cookin' at home, I've got to get my crap
together and do a cable run. The PC (to which the DSL modem is connected)
is about 100 feet from the iMac, which is in the kitchen. Brand new
house, unfinished basement so the actual main cable run is easy. Just the
beginning part and the end part are in exterior walls with insulation and
vapor barrier in place. I'd consider drilling through the floor, but that
doesn't help in the kitchen.

Plus I need to go out and buy ethernet cable, a crimper, and probably a
fish tape.

Alternatively, I could go online and try to find a used AirPort card (has
to be the original, not made anymore by Apple, AirPort card, as the iMac
is pretty old) and go wireless instead...