January 23rd, 2004


Silly Man...

Well, two days ago I had just finished making and eating dinner, and was sitting down to watch the only TV show I watch regularly, when the lights flickered a couple times and I was plunged into blackness. I looked out the windows, and so far as I could tell, power was out as far as I could see.

An actual thought I had, once darkness-related boredom set in: "I should post in my LJ about this..."

Holy Crap!

I just spent the last two or so hours re-reading the last few months of 2000, and the first half of 2001.


There were people I hung out with, or posted along with, who I haven't seen for quite some time. Deleted accounts, changing times, changing relationships...

Sad isn't the right word, but it's all I can think of for now.

(Parenthetically, when I finish reading a book, or watching a movie, little bits of it then enter my conciousness and come back out at unexpected moments. If you understand what I mean by this, good for you. If you understand why I bring it up, then you have good taste in books...)
hat cu

Shoveling Snow

The first active activity of the day. Must remember to better use these days off from time to time.

My fingertips have just gone from the ouchy stage to the burny stage. Must remember to get a better pair of gloves...
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