July 13th, 2002



I found 5 "General Cinema Dollars" (gift certificate) which I was saving for a rainy day. As it seems to be to be raining in my banking account, I may need to take in a movie.

Now I must figure out which one...

All Right...

I've got it "narrowed down" to five movies to choose between...

The Bourne Identity
Minority Report
Men in Black II
Reign of Fire
Road to Perdition

Ok, so no movie today

Puttered about enough that I didn't go to a movie. Perhaps tomorrow. What I really want to see is "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys," but I don't have free movie bucks for the Lagoon, where it's showing.

Roomie's Less Almost Broke Than Me

Fabby and his girl went off to Kieran's Pub tonight, lamenting that none of their lame Waconia friends would leave Carver County for even the smallest bit of fun. I meanwile had to beg off on financial grounds, and reluctantly so because I very much enjoy Kieran's.