June 14th, 2002


So, I was a crime victim...


I checked on my car just before Cyn and Meesh picked me up Monday night, all was cool.

Tuesday morning, when I went to load stuff into my car, the stuff was all rummaged-through. Sure enough, someone had run some manner of device through my driver's-side window seal and unlocked the door. They pulled all the crap out of the glovebox, rummaged through the jackets in the back seat, popped the trunk, and searched through all of that stuff too. I checked under the spare, and my copy of my birth certificate was still there, thank god. I didn't have anything truly of value in there beyond that.

They didn't take my brand new, highly portable tent, either. When I reported it, I speculated they must have been looking only for stuff they could fence. The parking attendant said it had happened before recently, but other actual valuables were not taken in those instances. So we figured they must have been looking for a spare key...

So I'm Just Gonna Flood Your Friends Page Tonight...

It's been a while since I could post, so i'm going to try to remember as much of the randomness from this trip as I can, and also just post about the trip as well.

This morning I watched CTV AM and wondered why Seamus is even on there. The newswoman did all the talking, though that may have been because she had the exclusive Colin Powell interview on today. Seamus just sat there, and offered an observation about the Mars probe at one point.

Oh, and he had a segment late in the show talking to Ben about movies. Nothing against Seamus, but he seemed out of place on the AM talk show. Or is that just me?

Weird Atmospheric Stuff

I was traversing the north shore of Lake Superior this weekend, all the way from Sault Ste. Marie to Duluth. at many points, the radio reception was poor, but I pretty much expected that. Then, somwhere between Marathon and Nipigon, a really bizarre thing happened.

The station I had been listening to faded away, so I shut off the radio for ten or twenty minutes. When I turned it back on, literally every single frequency had something on it, but it was all garbage. Every single frequency I tuned to sounded like three or four stations coming in at once, or fighting back and forth to be heard loudest.

Finally, I was able to make out something intelliglble. The station was in Fayetteville. I hadn't heard of a Fayetteville, Ontario, but I didn't know the area very well, so I thought nothing of it. Then they did weather, and said they were expecting a high of 90, so I knew it had to be south of the border. But where-Michigan? I know weather can sometimes vary quite a bit but it seemed almost impossible that it could be almost chilly where I was, and 90 across the lake. Plus, this was FM, so I knew the signal couldn't have carried all that far. Only AM carries that far, and even then only after dark...

Then they said the weather in Raleigh/Durham would be similar, as would the weather in Charlotte. My jaw dropped. I was listening to FM radio in the midafternoon near Nipigon, Ontario Canada, and the station was originating from Fayetteville, North Carolina!!!

Then, the signal faded back into the clutter...

Do You Care? Prolly Not...

When I wasn't at SecretCon, on my way home, this is the kind of stuff I ate.

Plenty of Tim Horton's donuts, except when only Robin's Donuts were available, in that case, Robin's Donuts.

Swiss Chalet: 1/4 chicken and big slab o' ribs, washed down with Keith's

Szechuan chicken from a tiny restaurant in Wawa

8oz steak tenderloin with scalloped potatoes, Sleeman Honey Lager to drink, wrapped up meal with hot apple cobbler a la mode (english toffee ice cream) and a cappucino.

That last one was the last dinner of the vacation.

Lunch on the homeward day was at Betty's Pies, where i had a BLT, and of course a slice of pie a la mode (blackberry peach crunch pie)...