May 26th, 2002


Party Chatter

I was at a party last night, and several acquantances asked me during the course of the evening, "So, what's new with you?" These were all people who are vitally creative, and I felt really bad saying "Nothing much, copying tapes, etc., You?"

They of couse had really good answers like "Oh, I'm writing some plays I was commissioned to do," or "I've just wrapped up the rough cut of my latest movie, and I'm working like crazy to render the effects."

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The Party

The party itself was pretty fun though. mlif was a good host. I got to see several mutual friends who I only tend to see when I am hanging with mlif... I also got to hang out with my friend Virginia and her fiance. We all talked movies for a long time. I actually stayed to the end of the party, around 3am or so.