April 28th, 2002


Ok, So I Totally Suck

At least, when it comes to money management, or, at least, spending control. It's a good thing I pre-purchased the room for my visit for Toronto, it would be a hell of a waste to have a room and not go. So I will get it in gear monetarily quite soon and still make the trip.

Why do I suck, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. I already had gone out Friday night and purchased two CD's (see previous entry). So yesterday, I went up to Minneapolis, with two reasons. One was to visit with mlif at the studio sale he is holding. The other was to possibly get a two-drawer file cabinet at said sale. There was no file cabinet for sale, so I was safe from purchasing things, right?

Wrong. mlif and I chatted most of the late afternoon away, then headed across the river for beer and pizza. He was doing the Atomic Shock show that night, and I had decided to go to it, especially considering the utterly crappy weather which would surely impede my juourney home. So I spent money on beer and pizza, and then the movie, and pop & popcorn at the movie.

...Except, there were 2.5 hours between dinner and the movie, so I went to one of the few stores I knew would be open at that hour. Cheapo Records.

$54 later, I was ready for the movie, having purchased two used Bis albums, the new disc by Boards of Canada (Which actually keeps with the Scottish bands theme, BofC is from Scotland, as is Bis), and an album I had heard about last fall on Public Radio, "The Langley Schools Music Project," which I shall contribute a separate post about in the near future.

Today I had a coffee date, and appropriately restrained myself to a medium, black coffee, nice and cheap...

...Except that I arrived early for the date, and meandered down Grand Avenue from Dunn Bros. to Sixth Chamber Used books, where I finally bought "High Fidelity," it having been strongly recommended to me by several parties for a number of years. I had stubbornly avoided purchasing this book, because I have this weird thing about not liking owning novels which have been made into movies. Especially if said novels have "Now a Major Motion Picture" or such emblazoned on the cover, or worse, a still from the movie replacing the original cover art. This copy is pre-movie deal, so it doesn't even say "Soon to be a Major Motion Picture" on the cover.

So I totally failed at being a spendthrift this weekend. At least i'm not broke...