April 23rd, 2002


Crushlink Sucks

Sure it starts out, someone has a crush on you, and it's all cute and "How juvenile, I love it..."

Then you get to guess, entering emails of likely candidates, "Hmm, is it her? Or her? This is so just like her..."

Then you soon realize that it is none of the above. Not only that, but now your "Crushes' will be subjected to the same spam torment for all eternity as well.

Now a bunch of you are probably saying, "That gullible bastard, HE'S the one!" Possibly one of you is saying "oopsie..."

What is Mlife?

These ad people are all confused. It's not mlife, it's mlif!

mlif is a cool film & video guy who lives in Saint Paul.

Sheesh, things get so confused by the ad agencies...

"In the Country"

So I mentioned Billy Collins a couple days ago. I found a link to the segment that so impressed me. You have to listen first to a string quartet (do you call fiddlers a string quartet?), which is also quite good, for a couple songs. Prairie Home

The second poem he reads is, I think, the one that made me so interested...

Thinking about...

My route for SecretCon 2002. I'm going fairly directly to Toronto (There's a rather large lake in the way as the crow flies). Coming back, I'm considering circumnavigating the biggest of all those lakes. Toronto to Thunder Bay is something like 13.5 hours, then Thunder Bay to home is 8 hours or so...

Planning to take 1.5 days to get to Toronto, and have 2 to 2.5 days slated for the return.