April 21st, 2002


Today I go to St. Paul for My Mom's B-Day dinner

I got her a gift certificate to Smith & Hawken. She does a fair amount of gardening and they have some pretty neat stuff there. Plus, it gives her a good excuse to go to the store on Grand Avenue and shop on the rest of the avenue, which I know she loves anyway...

Oh, and not so appropriate for the subject of this post, but, new LJ pic, Jay & Silent Bob as South Park kids...

Foiled by the Five-Second Rule

I have a bad habit of eating in front of the computer. I dropped a crumb just now, so I reached down and popped into my mouth...

...A small clod of dried mud which must have been caked in the tread of my shoe.

It didn't taste too horrible, but my mouth is awfully gritty now...

(no subject)

There was a rock in the meadow
Next to a bubbling stream
Two lovers would lie upon it
Sunning themselves in the afternoon stillness
Imagining for a moment they were the only two in the world

The world is populated with many people
Moments are only a moment
The meadow is a clearcut

But within a moment
Surrounded by stillness
In the warmth of the sun
Beside a clear, chilled brook
It doesn't matter