April 13th, 2002


I am back!

Twins won the game, and it was really fun being in a 48,000+ crowd of cheering fans. Then I spent a good half hour wandering the rat maze that downtown Mpls has become now that they are putting light rail, and listening to the Wild get their hockey asses handed to them by the Phoenix team.

Actual paraphrase of moment in hockey game: "The goal by so-and-so, coming at X:XX in the second, off an assist from-wait, hold on they've just scored another goal!"



I was looking at The Luther Wright Website to check again when they will allow us Americans to buy the full version of "Rebuild the Wall" (April 23, btw). They will apparently be playing in "Minneapolis, WI" shortly after I return from SecretCon...

Clouding Up

And a chance of rain.

I have no good reason (probably even better due to that), but I feel fantastically right with the world, lovely and independent.

I have beer, and my favorite band to sing along with when nobody's around on the stereo...

Life is good.
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