April 9th, 2002


Gee, After Such a Nice Warm Weekend...

It seems like the perfect day to drive my pickup truck out to the center of Lake Waconia and bore a hole in the ice to fish through...

I apologize in advance if there has been any trgedy already that I haven't heard about, but c'mon that's a tragedy in the making, no?


This is the part where I call it a night and you look at your watch as you read this entry and pity me for my work schedule.

I'm not asking for that pity.

There will be times when I feel particularly whiney and I will want that pity, so just store it up for now, because I am currently content.

Actually Saw my Roomie This Morning

This is Fabby's second week of jury duty. Lucky him, actually. All he's done so far is call in at 11:30AM last Tuesday & Wednesday, and today and have a recorded message tell him "All cases have settled out of court, you do not have to report today."

Today he cleaned his tube amp and preamp. Damn doesn't it sound awesome. Plus it's extra-sunny. We strolled in the yard and planned his home maintenance, fixed some stuff, and enjoyed the air...
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