December 10th, 2001


Warning! Introspection Lies Within!

Not even good introspection, either. Just a bunch of self-questioning and such that will just become more space on your friends page this morning, if you are still watching at all.

What can you do when you come to the realization that you made a wrong turn somewhere in life? It's not like time is a hedgemaze, you can't backtrack until you get to the place you were before, to change direction...
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Perhaps I Ought to Take up Smoking...

Afetr all, a man should always have an occupation of some kind.

Seriously, it feels like the ultimate "Fuck You" to time. Well, there's always offing yourself straightaway, but why not take your time, make sure you do it right? Off yourself over a better timeline, say somewhere between 20 to 60 years?

Oh, Dear...

I do appear to be in a mood tonight, don't I? Oh well, chalk it up to...

Actually I'm not sure what.

Oh well, be not concerned.. I'm just up late maundering on about the lack of direction I seem to have. Quite dull for you all really. Watching me be pseudo-intellectual-depressive-tormented-symbol-of-our-generation? No scratch that. I'm a symbol of nothing, there are plenty of my generation who have masters and doctorates, they save lives and take up lucrative litigations.

Nobody likes a cynic, especially when the cynic isn't even good at cynicism...

Fear Not For Me, My Friends

My plans inclde sleeping soon, awaking tomorrow, eating passably well enough to survive, going to work on time, staying out of trouble, and not smoking.

I may do all this in Drone mode, but there's nothing wrong with that, eh?

New Pic

There's only one wildebeest there, tho. Plus I had a hell of a time resizing it. I need to find a good Mac image manipulation program that doesn't cost $600...