November 30th, 2001


Back Online

Well, after we did much messing around with settings and rendered my computer temporarily useless internet-wise, even for dialup, finally I am connected to the fat pipe.

So. Long time no see. How's things?

Perils of the Icy Windshield

Monday I went out to my car after work, during the big snowstorm, for those who missed that somehow. I scraped the windshield a bit, then figured I ought to start the car first. When i started it, the wipers were still turned on. One wiper moved the other was stuck in ice. This broke the link between them, and the second wiper, luckily on the passenger side, moved very little.

This being 3AM, I figured I should just drive, as there was nothing I could do about it. Then, about halfway home, in the middle of a barely-plowed road, the second wiper came back to life. I smiled for a moment until I noticed it was out of sync with the main wiper. Then suddenly, the smaller wiper got caught up in the main wiper, and the main wiper bent the smaller one all to heck. I had to stop in the middle of the road (no way was I about to try the shoulder) and separate them. The little bent one was lifeless the rest of the way home.

Wiper Crap, Part II

Tuesday I awoke somewhat late to get the wiper repaired, so I had to go to work with the wiper messed up. To my surprise, the second wiper worked, in sync with the main one and everything.

For a while.

Something must have broken on the attatchment of the blade to the arm, because little parts of the blade started flying off as I was driving down 494 at 60mph. The blade itself came loose, and i managed to pull off onto the shoulder before the blade hurtled off as well. Then, as I got ready to get out of the car and put the blade out of its misery, the wipers gave one last pass across the windshield, and the hook at the end of the smaller wiper grabbed onto the big wiper, and the big wiper bent the smaller arm again.

I bent the small arm at a 90º angle from the windshield and promptly took the car in Wednesday morning. The cost for repair was just over $120.