July 26th, 2001


No Use...

I have to pack and stuff today because I am staying at my parents' house tonight after work. Therefore i am all psyched/wound up and its no use trying to sleep now that I am awake.

Plus an error was made concerning my pay. If it was a more positive scenario, some of my vacation pay was omitted from my paycheck. A less positive scenario is that the HR person at work was incorrect in telling me my vacation time would be paid out to me in full, and the amaount I see is a pro-rate and all I will be getting. Which would make this trip a very tight budget again, after I was all ready to be relaxed about money while I am away...

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Looking at my budget again.

I'm pretty much screwed.

I just talked to the HR person and she said that was the amount I'd be getting, based on the number of months I worked, added up divided and all manner of stuff. Pro-rated, basically.

I told her she told me it would be the full 11 days, not pro-rated. She said "I guess I didn't understand what you meant..."

So my computer will stay on the Sears card that I may enjoy my trip. I'm not screwed, I just have to resign myself to the debt for now...

OK, that's it!

Despite having one more shift to work, I've decided the Vacation starts now!

I'm now in vacation mode, whether I'm at work or not. The mode is relaxation, forgetting the troubles of ordinary life. I will chill out, I will drink that beer if I want it. I will kiss the pretty girls. There will be music, friends, baseball. New sights, big lake, galleries and museums. Conversation, coffee, tea.

Positivity. For 11 days. For my sanity I must make it happen...

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I probably won't be able to update before I get on the plane...

Tonight is work, I leave in the next half hour, sometime. I'll get to my parents house around 4AM. Then I will get as much sleep as my psyched-up mind will allow. I get on a plane around 5:30PM.

I likely won't sleep on the plane, as I have still taken few enough flights that I am still enthralled by watching the landscape slide past below. An hour or so at O'Hare, then another plane. Into Pearson at 11:30 or so and its just a passage thru customs, and the Toronto bit of my vacation gets underway. Boo is picking me up, and suddenly the vacation will be going full steam ahead!