July 23rd, 2001


Recap Saturday:

i wnet in to Juntunen plenty early to be sure I was ready for the feed, which was from 130-230 EDT. However, I looked at the second page and it stated: 0030-0130 CDT. We hadn't calculated on a 24-hr clock, so we were 12hrs late for the feed.


Then I went over to visit mlif at the studio where they were conducting auditions. I visited with Troy for a bit, then sat backstage from the auditions, hanging out unobtrusively. After a break, the guys invited me to sit out in front to watch some readings, so I did.

In the end, after going back to Mike's apartment to watch the audition tapes, I helped out enough that Mike actually referred to me as "one of us" and said I should definitely help the next day with callbacks.

Recap Sunday:

Callbacks went pretty smoothly, other than we wanted to cast everybody of them in a few roles. I wasn't able to sit in on the whole process, though, because I wanted to get home to change for an actual date I had! I'm nowhere near a mouthpiece for the movie, so I will avoid saying too much, but their website says "If you auditioned for a role, we intend on utilizing you in the movie."

We went to the Acadia on Nicollet & Franklin. We saw a production of "Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune." She was really nice and we seemed to have plenty in common and lots to talk about. I sure hope she would like to go out again after I get back from Toronto.