July 2nd, 2001



That's how I spent the whole weekend. My dad dropped me off at my car Friday night after the game, and I spent the rest of the time alone. This is a good thing, I think.

I had fallen so out of practice at being alone that I had been obsessively surrounding myself with people the past month or so. This, too was a good thing, something i needed, people around me.

But this weekend I was alone, and I think I handled it pretty well. Alone can be just as safe as together. There is another frontier I need to take on later however.

Not now, but at some point soon I need to try meeting people somewhere other than my wife or at work. I've never really met people in social situations, its not a skill I've developed, nor really had a chance to develop. To a certain extent I'm talking about women, but not completely.

I've lately had smashing success at this on the internet, just look at all the diverse people who are reading (or skimming, or skipping over because its a long post) this right now. I hope I can try this in real life too sometime, hopefully not too long from now.

Time to make the donuts...

Er- wait, I don't make donuts.

This morning I will have a lovely time trafficking out Slumberland TV ads to all the stations so all you nice fols will go out and buy furniture and keep my paychecks rolling in. Actually I'm not too much longer at this company, so you'll mostly be making sure mlif gets paid. Hey, maybe I can talk them into reducing my credit bill for my bed in exchange for this...

Good News, Bad News:

Good news: I don't have to continue trafficking these spots right now.

Bad News: They are cahnging something, and we most likely will have to re-record all 60-odd tapes.

You gotta love...

A song when it's last word is "caribou."

C'mon, people, I know you can name the song. There's probably not a lot of mention of the mighty caribou in popular song, much less songs that end with caribou...
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Neil was cool. After the reading, in the Q&A section, he recalled a few anecdotes and memories of Douglas Adams. Funny, I'd almost allowed myself to forget his passing.

I was forced to buy a book by the evil Barnes and Noble, though I sucessfully resisted the urge to buy the Gaiman hardcover. But Barnes, that wily devil, caught my eye with a book I had loaned out to someone and never got back. The crafty Mr. Noble then pointed out the book I lost was a mere tattered ordinary paperback, while the one I now held was a lovely new trade paperback version.

So, damn me, i bought it.