June 27th, 2001


(no subject)

So we watched Dogma, which I had never seen before. I thought it was pretty well done, I guess. Much better than I was anticipating.

It's pretty late now, but I just wanted to thank shogunmoon for sending me to Tran Micro. Now I have 512MB instead of 64MB. I think that oughta take care of me for a spell.

Anyone want a 64MB DIMM?


Ok, I was up way too late. I slept in a bit later because of it. Then, I would have gotten in right on time except the car's tank was empty, so between pumping and waiting in line I ended up 15 min. later than otherwise.

I get to work and there's a "first thing" redo order on the board so I get it going. Then I go to the ship desk, where there is an order that was supposed to get walked next door at 8AM (by then it was 8:30. They didn't seem to be missing it when I got there tho, so I suppose I made it in OK...

Well, at least I'm not sitting on my duff this morning...