June 18th, 2001



Giant weekend post---Eaten!

Total recap from Friday thru Sunday night---Gone!

Condensed version---Follows!!!

Friday-- Calexico was good but short. Ms. Eff was a lot of fun to hang out with. Went to Lee's afterward, ran into an old friend I haven't seen in about 3 or four years, she's still as cute as ever, recently broke off a long relationship, we are going to have drinks and commiserate in the near future.

Saturday-- Bought the new Irvine Welsh book Glue. Did Guerilla Drive-In with mlif and his crowd, did big business and had a real-life zombie attack until the army came in and opened fire.

Sunday-- Mowed Dad's lawn, had dinner, then back to Waconia where we watched The Big Lebowski and guffawed repeatedly despite having seen it before...

When did the world fill up with so many beautiful ladies?

I mean, just months ago, there were a few lovely lasses here and there that made me turn my head or double-take, but suddenly they are everywhere!

Can it be that societal propriety was so ingrained in my psche that I wasn't noticing them out of respect to my marriage, despite the fact it was rapidly foundering?

I suppose it also has to do with the seasons of MN... The cuties all take off more of their clothing and hang out outdoors instead of covering & secluding themselves...

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So this is the part when I leave...

I shall see you later.

Tomorrow at the latest, I am sure.

On the other hand, anyone with a notion to call me can do so, as I will be leaving the cell-proof bunker now...