May 25th, 2001


Towel Day!

Oh, and I'm also wearing what several friends refer to as my "Magnum Shirt."

Happy morning, I'm sticking labels...

But I'd rather be in a bathtub drinking Djinnon Tonnix...

I'd be Fluffy!

The Persian is a relaxed observer. She quietly takes in the details of her surroundings and is happiest in her role as a spectator. The Persian will gladly accept affection, but does not often seek it out. Her loving and patient nature makes her an ideal housemate while her stress-free nature will allow her to make friends with whoever stops by. The Persian’s greatest past time is grooming her thick, tangle-prone fur, but it’s worth the effort, because she always looks fabulous!

What kind of cat are you?

Ok, so here's the deal...

I'm going to be in Madison, WI for a couple days. I may get on a computer briefly tonight but probably not.

Sunday night will likely be the next time I will be accessing LJ. (or any email or anything...)

I will have my cell with me, and I may try calling some of you in the time I am travelling.

Otherwise, have a good few days, I'll see you all later!