May 24th, 2001


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So this weekend I'm going to my cousin's wedding, the first major family gathering since I left Darcy...

I'm not (too) nervous, I guess. Actually I'll be away from Internet contact for two or three days, and that's probably going to be the worst bit, being unable to comisserate with all you fine people.

Hey, speaking of three-day weekends, does Canada have a holiday that first monday of August? That will be my last day of visiting (leaving at 1PM) but I figure it might make for a bit more-than-typical Sunday night before that...

WooHoo! 64 days till I'm there!


Nothin' better than eating a big greasy ball of meat then sleeping immediately afterwards...

Good thing there's free tums at work...

"Hi! I'm Sissy Biggers."

"I've made a career telling people about stuff that's New...and Fun."

Ugh, gotta listen to that 150 more times...

I hate Quality Control, can't we just send out a blank or messed-up tape now & again???


I'm not sure if this will be challenging or not...

Ilona this weekend discovered my favorite cover song I own.

Your challenge is to name the song solely from the name of the covering band:

Frazier Chorus

(And, no, Ilona, you can't play this time...)

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Not meeting Darcy tonight after all.

Busybusybusy schedules force us to meet Monday instead...

Feeling ooky, not sure If I can talk to any of the usuals about it this time, tho they are welcome to call...