February 19th, 2001


When it All Unravels...

Can be an exciting time for all...

Snootypants was dubbing- Hey! Get your hands off! Those are my machines! MINE!- But actually he was pretty decent this morning, after I avoided him for a while.

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~ meaning ~
Small or restrained

~ motivation ~
Someone who is their own person

~ character ~
Respectful of others

~ feelings ~
Keeps their feelings to themselves

~ intelligence ~

~ spiritual ~
Has brightness within

~ nature ~
Has no trouble getting along with others

~ inherent ~
A person who lives life to its fullest

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I've been compulsively adding friends of late...

Of course, that likely means some pruning down the road when things get busy, but maybe not...

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I get tired of airshow tapes...

They all seem the same, actually I'm not entirely certain we dub different ones, or the same ones over & over again. They are tapes for a certain national brand of frozen pizza.

Odd that I like seeing neat planes live, but the airshow tapes suck so much for me...

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Ok, last time, I promise...

Although alum is good when you're hungry. Note that, it was much for me. Alum is from Kitchen Messing with others that I hadn't have a power overload! Exploding fish! Once the shell is later removed, the writing will dissolve in pickling it is good when you're hungry.

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I was just presented with a stack of boxes.

Apparently, they are to be "curried."

Not certain how to approach this...
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Now we near the end of yet another workday, all the sooner for those of us who took no lunch break.

What should I do during the interval between end of workday and Darcy arriving to get me??? Its about an hour, and if I stay I'll just be asked to do work...


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I don't know if he'll post real often, but add my friend and cow orker Troy and say hi and be friendly...

Be friendly or I'll bash your head.

And be as nice as I always am, goshdurnit!