February 8th, 2001


Holy Crap!

Did I really go an entire DAY without posting here once!?!

Not even a weekend day, either. I guess I've been keeping myself busy, sort of the "I just saw six good friends canned so I'd damn well better look busy" mentality. Except that I am really keeping busy, trying really hard to get us new business.

Meanwhile, though I'm sure you've either heard from others in the Mpls division of LJ-Land, or seen it yourself if you are here, it snowed. A lot. And we get a lull now before this evening when it snows. A lot.

Can this be Friday?

CoffEE, WhoooWEEEEE!!!

I got up at 5 this morning and shoveled snow for an hour or so.

Ah the joys of home-ownership.

Then I tanked up on coffee.

Now I'm all chattery.

Think I'll have some more, see if I can find my breaking point, the point where coffee buzz opens up a whole new plane of existence.

Life is sweeter in Caffeinia, the gerbil herders all know it is so...
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I'm grabbing those numbers by the throat and kicking their ass!

Hell yeah!

I have transcended dupeguydom and I am now the Cruncher of Bid Numbers!

I rawk!

I tower over my peers!

Mortals should cower before me and grovel over my extreme nature!