January 24th, 2001


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This morning I get to learn all about electronic spot distribution. That should be starting any minute now, and going until who knows when. Needless to say, it will likely be very dull. Otherwise, good morning to you all.

The Thrill of the Open Road...

This afternoon, I realized I had left my lunch in the trunk of my car, so I bundled up against the cold and trudged out to my vehicle. As I stood, peering into the trunk and squinting from the sun, a sudden impulse hit to slam the trunk shut and get in and drive. I'd run by Darcy's workplace, and say "Let's go!" she'd say "Where?" and I'd say "You ask too many questions, C'mon!"

We'd stop by the house and load the pets in the car, drive off into the sunset. We'd smell the smells of the open road, cow poop or pig poop, depending on which backwater burg we speed through. We'd drive to the end of this great land and turn back, driving all the way to the other...